(on what was helpful) To be able to express how much pain I am in, as I hide my illness from many

It’s been a complete turnaround. 7 months ago I was really depressed, I’d almost given up. My confidence is back. I’m happy.

Very good counsellor with a lot of experience in childhood sexual abuse, which I needed. NEECS staff always welcoming. It was nice to have a cup of tea made for me, the door opened on the way out – little things, but very nice. Thanks for being there when no one else was.

At the start of the year I was looking at this being my final year......I now have a future to look forward to

I have hope for the future & am happy at times. I felt neither when the counselling started. Psychologist – didn’t find helpful. Antidepressants also didn’t work.’

An extremely rewarding experience that’s changed my life. Can’t thank (counsellor) enough for the positive impact its had/is having on my wife, kids, family and friends

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