Using The Service

NEECS has a self-referral policy for those living in the North East Edinburgh designated area. 

WHEN the WAITING LIST for A SERVICE IS OPEN you may refer yourself to NEECS for counselling.

To APPLY for our service please fully complete the online Self Referral Form  here.  By providing NEECS with the requested details on our referral form you are confirming you agree to NEECS using these details to provide you with the service you have requested. NEECS will only use your details for this purpose alone. All NEECS staff fully abide by NEECS Confidentiality Requirements. 

Before applying please check your availability to attend matches NEECS' ability to provide an appointment. Unfortunately we are unable to advise how long the waiting time for an initial appointment will be, but please be assured we will offer you counselling when we are in a position to do so. Should your availability lie outside the below times click on the Directory Link to your left or email us to provide a longer list of possible helpful sources via the get in touch link. 

Currently NEECS offers counselling on

Mondays (9am to last appointment 12.45pm)

Tuesdays (9am to last appointment 4.30pm)

Wednesdays (9am to last appointment 12.45pm), and

Thursdays (2.45pm - last appointment 6.45 pm)  These evening sessions are very heavily over subscribed and incur the longest wait for an appointment with NEECS. 

Once you have attended an initial assessment your following counselling appointments will be at the same time and on the same day each week, with each session lasting up to an hour.

The phone is generally answered between 9.15am - 4.15pm Monday to Thursday. Any message left on the answerphone is responded to within these hours. At times it can become necessary to put the answer machine on during these times. Please feel free to leave a message as we shall get back to you as soon as we possibly can. 

SERVICE Delivery

  • Your residential address needs to be within our delineated catchment area of North East Edinburgh.
  • Please be clear which waiting list you would like to go on, either the Short Term, Core or 16-25 service (the service applied for will need to be Open at that time)
  • We take a few details from you: name, age, address, telephone number and email address and
  • We ask for your GP's practice, where you heard about us, your availability to attend and whether you prefer a female or male counsellor or no preference
  • The information you give us is stored only in our office - on our computer and within a client book held securely in a locked cupboard.
  • We will not ask personal questions regarding why you are seeking counselling.
  • If you need urgent help/support while you are waiting, we shall (if your referral was by the online referral form) provide you with a list of other sources of information that may prove helpful
  • For all our services you are subsequently sent a confirmation letter, together with an Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form which we ask you return to NEECS  in the SAE provided.
  • We refer you to the website for all information about NEECS provision
  • We are unable to say how long you will have to wait only that once on the list we shall offer counselling as soon as we are in a position to do so.


  • You will be contacted either by phone or email and offered an initial session.
  • When making appointments we always ask people to confirm they will be attending, in order to avoid unused sessions and further lengthy waiting times.
  • Ongoing appointments will take place on the same day, and at the time each week. We are not open at weekends or evenings
  • At your initial appointment, your counsellor will explain, and give you printed information about the service, appointment arrangements, confidentiality policy and about our contributions policy and Gift Aid.