Short Term

The service was good, but waiting time is too long. If someone has no other resources or is feeling very low, this can be extremely difficult to cope with.

I have been able to identify skills to help me deal with issues in my life.

Felt like a private, secure space to explore issues outside of the mental health system.

My counsellor’s method of explaining my delusions to me & teaching me how to recognise my paranoias and how to cope with them calmly.

I've applied for long term counselling. I feel that I have just begun but I'm proud of progress so far.

I was feeling on a meltdown, now I feel I’m in a calmer state. It’s progress.

I found NEECS to be a great, friendly user-focused service & I’m appreciative of the accessibility to people on low incomes.

It came at just the right time and saved me from having to use medication.

The sessions helped me to look at things in a different way. Also it helped to release pressure out of my chest.

The Short Term Service offers an initial assessment session followed by up to six counselling appointments.

Waiting times can sometimes vary. If you require a particular time of day, this can extend how long you may need to wait for counselling.

Call to refer yourself on (0131) 557 4478 or fill in the self referral form.  If you are low on credit, we can call you back.