It feels like the difference between night & day. When I first arrived I felt “lost”, unsure of things, not able to see clearly what was going to work for me, my previous coping strategies weren’t working for me. Now I’ve been able to take stock, take a long deep breath, recognise things and feel a lot stronger going forward. 

Not keen to start, (counsellor) was excellent! Broke into this old nut of mine. Great.

This is an important service, and I would recommend it, but there needs to be more funding for mental health, in order for the service to be more accessible.

NEECS is a unique and very well run centre. I really appreciate the invaluable support I have had through challenging times. My counsellor was brilliant and gave constant unwavering support. 

Intelligent, objective feedback articulated very well. Not patronised by therapist at all and for once felt like an individual, not a client “type”. 

It has helped me to understand where certain behaviours come from and pre-empting these makes them easier to deal with

This was my “Eureka” moment and I fully credit my counsellor for this. Forthright, engaging, intelligent and humane, it is due to this woman’s psychological thoroughness that I finally found the root of my particular problem and in a comparatively short time, the key to self monitoring my reactions and feelings towards my continuing life experiences. 

The Core Service is our longer term counselling service, which offers up to 3 blocks of 12 sessions.    At your initial appointment you will be given the opportunity to:

  • talk about what has brought you to counselling
  • to hear about what counselling could offer you
  • to decide together with your counsellor that counselling is suitable for you

The length of time you will have to wait depends on your availability. The more flexible you can be, the quicker we will be able to find a counselling appointment.