Being able to talk about my issues in a safe non-judgemental environment.

A support in a difficult time. Being able to increase my awareness of myself and understand my behaviour better.

The counsellor was very supportive and helpful.

I feel calmer and more settled but I am still having bad days.

This Waiting List is Currently Closed 

NEECS 16-25 SERVICE -Counselling for people age 16 up to 25, who are struggling with issues and circumstances which may put them at risk of harm

Many things can affect your mental wellbeing, for example difficulties with relationships, family, studies, the death of someone close to you, not having a job or sense of purpose to your life.

Trying to cope with feelings such as depression and anxiety can be overwhelming, leading to self-harm, other kinds of risky behaviour and perhaps having thoughts of ending your life.

Counselling offers you a safe place to come and talk. The counsellor helps you to explore and understand your feelings without judging you. They listen and support you to make your own decisions, so you can begin to make changes and move towards feeling and coping better.

Using  our 16-25 service

This service offers an initial assessment appointment followed by 8 counselling sessions, which will be on the same day at the same time each week, each lasting up to an hour. The length of time you will have to wait for counselling depends on the length of our wait list and on your availability.

This service is available on Monday and Wednesday mornings and Tuesdays during the day.  If you require counselling beyond these times please refer to our Directory Link to the left, or use the get in touch link as we can send you a more extensive resource list. If aged 16-21 you may wish to consider The Junction, www.the-junction.org  

When the wait list is OPEN please complete our self referral form.  You can also call us on  0131 557 4478. If you are low on credit, let us know as we can readily call you back. 

By providing NEECS with the requested details on our referral form/over the phone, you are confirming you agree to NEECS using these details to provide you with the service you have requested. NEECS will only use your details for this purpose alone. All NEECS staff fully abide by NEECS Confidentiality Requirements. 

We aim to offer you an initial appointment as soon as we are able to, at which time you can discuss your situation, think about whether counselling is for you and decide on your next step with the help of an experienced counsellor.

For urgent help

NEECS is not able to provide an immediate service.  The following can help when urgent help is required:

  • The Edinburgh Crisis Centre 0808 801 0414 (free from landlines) text 0797 442 9075
  • Breathing Space 0800 838587
  • Samaritans (0131) 221 9999  or email:  jo@samaritans.org